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Self Service Solutions

Self Service Solutions Polska - Website Update
Banking Technology

10 Pages Website

Website Update - Work Report:Contractor: Agata Business Services

Font Setting: The font has been set to Open Sans as per the client's preference mentioned during the initial discussion.Text Optimization for Different Monitor Sizes.

Mobile Version Optimization - Completed.Optimization of Images to display properly on various monitors. Added a gallery to the product page and optimized the gallery images. Additionally, the client received complimentary image descriptions.

Header and Footer Optimization - Added additional navigation in the footer, set the logo and text in the header.

"News" Tab (Blog) Styling - Complete revamp including background, image, and animation."About Us" Tab Set up to ensure proper display.

Technical Graphics Optimization - Completed.Technical Partners Tab - Changed the element from Repeater to Slider for a better visual presentation.

Cookies Widget Settings - I require the client to enter me as an Admin Role. I have sent a WhatsApp message regarding this.

Content Writing - RODO text, cookies text,

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