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What Do We Mean By Document Writing Services?

We can draw up a wide variety of documents for you, including but not limited to:

  • Business funding - if you are looking to raise money for your business or for a project, we can assist with documents such as Executive Summary, Business Plan, Source and Use Of Funds, Financial Cashflow Projections and Break-even Analysis.  All of the document types that someone potentially interested in funding your business or project may be interested in.

  • Sales & Commissions - if you are into sales, and would like assistance with related documents such as sales commission agreements, exclusive sales territory agreements, sales invoices, sales receipts, sales projections, sales proposals and collection letters.

  • Landlord Documents - including rental agreements, notice of termination of tenancy, modification to rental agreement or lease, notice of rent default, and rent to own agreements, amongst other documents.


  • Website related documents - such as anti-spam policy, chat-room agreement, GDPR privacy policy, website privacy policy, and website terms of use service agreement.

  • Human Resources - including but not limited to background and reference checks, employee contracts, employee handbook, employee termination, performance review, and work from home arrangements.


  • Employee document writing - if you feel that you are being treated unfairly in the workplace, we can draw up documents specific to your situation.  For example, we find that many times when an employer is trying to dismiss people for example, that the employer does not follow the rules fully, and consequently leave their approach wide open to all sort of counter claims by the employee including discrimination and other bias matters, conscious or unconscious.

  • Various personal and business agreements - including memorandum of understanding, confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, such as NDA or NCNDA non-circumvention non-disclosure agreements, and more.


Are These Documents Important?

Here are some examples:

  • If you don't fight your corner in a workplace disciplinary matter, you may be fired without any pay, you may be discriminated against without counter-claiming, and it may be difficult to secure your next job quickly, leaving you potentially more vulnerable financially.  By fighting your corner, and looking for angles and loopholes in employer arguments, it may be possible to get a better pay-off by your employer, or, if you prefer, to keep your job.


  • If you are a salesperson, but do not have a proper sales agreement in place, you may end up doing a lot of work for nothing, if you are on a commission-only basis.

  • If you are looking for £100,000 or £1,000,000 for your business, but are experienced in your niche, but not at how to communicate the benefits of your business or project to a layman, you may struggle communicating the value to someone who is a decision-maker over whether to fund your business or not.

Why Wouldn't I Just Go To A Lawyer For These Documents?

It will probably cost you more money.  Also, lawyers may not be able to do some of these documents, such as a business plan.  Also, from experience, sometimes lawyers may not be tough enough in some matters, such as protecting employees when unfairly treated.

Who Would These Services Suit Best?

So far, our experience is that these services are taken up mainly by UK residents, originally from another country, who may be less familiar with how things work in UK, but need someone they trust on their side in such matters.  They may not necessarily trust a lawyer, and they may not necessarily wish to pay their rates either.  However, in reality, these services suit a much wider audience, and may well suit you.


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Are These Documents Important?
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