Document Writing Services

We can help you with a wide variety of documents or forms which you need to complete.  Here are some examples:

  • You are seeking money for a business or project, and you need an Executive Summary, Business Plan, Financial Projections or Shareholders Agreement.

  • You need an agreement drawn up, such as non-disclosure agreement, memorandum of understanding, joint venture agreement, franchisee agreement, payment agreement, employment agreement, or rent agreement.

  • Human Resource document such as employee handbook, performance review, behaviour and discipline, or resignation letters.

  • Business start-up related documents such as business model, industry analysis, market research, SWOT analysis or hire an employee.

  • Finance-related documents such as credit application, credit and collection, sales projections.

  • Sales & Marketing documents such as marketing plan, marketing strategy, sales proposals, market analysis, market research, competitive analysis, advertising, bids & quotes, customer feedback.

  • Administration such as company policy, meeting minutes, board of directors, management, board resolutions and business checklist.

  • Production & Operations related documents, such as purchasing and ordering, shipping, storage and inventory, product management.