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What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is about the creation and planning of visual content to communicate messages or ideas. Graphic design is all around you, from food packaging, billboards, mobile apps, posters, book covers, signs, website layouts and so on.  Graphic design can influence our perception and emotions.  Graphic design communicates certain ideas or messages in a visual way.  Graphic design can be used to sell products through advertising, by websites to convey information, by businesses to enhance or develop an identity through branding, and so on.


Why Is Graphic Design Important?

  • Keeping Your Look Consistent - using different fonts, colours, and logo designs everywhere makes it hard for your customers to recognise your brand from a marketing perspective.

  • Consistency - is key to increase likelihood of people's connection with your brand.

  • Good graphic design can convert into profits - for example, a customer might decide against purchasing from a website that does not look professional.  Graphic Design can be considered as a valuable marketing tool, and can make the difference between making a lot of sales and making no sales.

  • Communication - when there are times that you are not communicating with your customers verbally, you can be communicating with them visually.  This could be website designs, banner ads, product packaging, logos and so on.  Without design, all businesses and products might look the same, so how could you distinguish yourself from the others?

  • Turning Vision Into Reality - Agata Business Services can assist you turning something which is a vision into a reality, we have the skills.



You already may know that Agata Business Services create websites, logos, flyers and business cards, but your graphic design requirements may well extend beyond this, into other media such as billboards or graphics for vehicles, to graphics for small gifts for customers and so on.  Whatever you envision, we want to create for you.

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