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Free Website Templates are part of the Business Support Program.

If you:

  • don’t have the budget for a fully customised website designed by Agata Business Services

  • and

  • if you don’t feel confident creating a website yourself


then we can offer you a free website template. This is a new offering and we cannot guarantee it will be here for long.

What is a website template?

A website template is a pre-designed or pre-constructed webpage or set of web pages that can be used to create a website relatively quickly, easily, and efficiently. Templates can encompass a variety of design elements, such as page layouts, typography, colour schemes, graphics, and navigation menus. These templates are commonly designed by professional website designers or developers and may be obtainable for purchase over the Internet. Using a website template can save time and effort in creating a website, especially for those who don't have extensive web design or development experience. It can also prove to be a good compromise solution for someone who does not have the budget for a fully customised design by a website designer, and who is not comfortable or confident with starting to build a website themselves without any experience.

Does Agata Business Services offer website templates?


How much do website templates from Agata Business Services cost?

They are free. Yes. £0.

What is the difference between a template from Agata Business Services, and a template from other sources?

Agata Business Services have a range of website templates built on the Wix platform. They tend to be more advanced than the templates offered for free by Wix directly. If you are looking to compare templates from Agata Business Services, to “the competition”, here are some things to look out for:

  • Agata Business Services website templates are free. We do not charge. £0 is the cost. If you find free templates elsewhere, read on to see why we are better.

  • Agata Business Services offer templates that are more tailored to your industry and niche. For example, if you are in the restaurant business, you may find a restaurant-specific template by Agata Business Services more useful than a generic template offered by Wix, which won’t necessarily be restaurant-specific or will have fewer features.

  • Agata Business Services offer more customisation options and more advanced features generally than the templates provided by the large platforms. The large platforms typically offer you a free template for a very basic design. Our website templates with more advanced features could be particularly appealing to you if you want a more unique or bespoke website design.

  • You may wish to choose Agata Business Services' website templates because they can come with additional services or support. That support can be customised to you. For instance, Agata Business Services can help with training in how to customise your website, in the setting up of the website, optimising it for search engines, or ongoing website maintenance. More details about this further down the page.

  • You may decide to choose Agata Business Services' website templates simply because you prefer the style or design aesthetic of our templates over those offered by other sources.

  • Agata Business Services' templates are not available elsewhere, which could be attractive to you if you want a more unique website design.

  • Agata Business Services offers a more personalised touch and customer service experience, appealing if you want a more hands-on approach to website design.

  • As part of the free offering, Agata Business Services can carry out first configuration and Google listing, once you have purchased from Wix, a Wix VIP Plan plus domain. {At the time of writing, Wix offer 1 year of free domain, once you purchase a Wix VIP Plan of 1 year or longer}. HINT: If you don’t do these steps, effectively, Google does not know that your website exists!

  • Agata Business Services offers you support with choosing which Wix plan you need.

  • Finally on this topic, it is worth noting that while some other sources offer free website templates, some may have restrictions on how you can use them, such as prohibiting commercial use. Always read the terms of use carefully before downloading and using a website template from other sources! Agata Business Services does not place commercial usage prohibitions on our website templates.


What industries do Agata Business Services have templates for?

All industries.

I want to buy a template. Can I personalise it myself, or seek support from Agata Business Services?

You will no doubt want to change the website template into your individual website, which will involve making changes such as changing the text, changing the images, and perhaps adding, hiding, or removing pages.

We give you the template for free. You can make the modifications yourself for free, of course. Another option is that we can provide training to you, and we offer some options for that training, which you can see here on this page. Bear in mind, even if you choose to pay Agata Business Services for training to go with the free website template, it is still likely to be considerably cheaper than buying a fully customised website from us.


So, to recap, you have various options at Agata Business Services:

  • The cheapest option - You can get a website template for free from us, and carry out the changes yourself, which will cost you the grand total of £0

  • The next cheapest option - You can get a website template for free from us, and hire us to train you on how to make the changes to your website

  • The custom website option - You can buy a fully customised website design from us, where we do all of the design customised to your requirements.


The choice is totally yours.


If you are interested in a free website template, contact us here, with your name, your email address, and your industry or niche.

You can see our training options here.

You can see our custom website options here.

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your business!

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