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What Is SEO { Search Engine Optimization } ?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  It is also known as website optimisation.  SEO is the process of enhancing or improving your website, so as to make it more visible and easily found when someone looks for services or products related to your business in Google or other search engines.  The more visibility your pages have in search results, by being higher up Google rankings for keywords or phrases related to your business, the more likely you are to grab the interest and attention of your potential customers, to attract them to your business.  designer works on the appearance, layout, and, in some cases, content of a website.

How does SEO work?

Taking Google as an example of a search engine, it uses bots to crawl pages on the internet, it looks at each website and obtains information about the pages within each website, and puts them into an index.  The most common way to look at, and probably the most straightforward way, to think of the index, is as a large library, where a librarian can get a book {or a website page or URL} to assist you to find what you are looking for.  Now, enter the head librarian, or in SEO speak, an algorithm.  This head librarian has read every book in the library and knows which book or books will have the answers to your questions. Algorithms examine the individual pages or URLs in the index, to work out what order of ranking webpages should appear in search results for a given query or set of keywords.  The searching algorithms are built to help deliver relevant, authoritative pages and provide users with an efficient search experience. Optimizing your site and content with bots, indexes and algorithms in mind can help your pages rank higher in the search results.

What is the difference between paid search ads and SEO?

You cannot pay search engines, such as Google, to get higher organic search rankings.  It's the SEO work we put into your site for you, that helps lift you up the rankings.  In Google, it is easy to spot a paid search ad, where a business is paying Google for the ad, as it will have "ad" written beside it.  When I am on Google as a consumer, I personally tend to ignore the paid ads, because I know they have paid to get there, and I feel a sense of more confidence in a business that organically ranks high instead of having paid to get high in rankings. Once the paid ad period is over, the website which paid for the ad is no longer artificially held high in the rankings, and it reverts back downwards.  SEO on the other hand is a slower process, but when the success comes it tends to have a more long lasting effect.  However, it still pays to keep working on the SEO as it will help to stay high in the rankings.

Why is SEO important?

People are searching on Google all the time every day.  They often are looking for a specific business type, product or service.  Having Agata Business Services work on SEO on your website, helps you to get found in the trillions of searches.  Many potential customers find a website for the first time through Google or another search engine.  More visibility and higher ranking in search results can have a substantial impact on your turnover and profits.  What is the point of having the best product or service and nobody knowing about it?


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What is SEO?
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Why Is SEO Important?
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