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Why Is SEO Important?

Updated: Feb 27


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is arguably the most cost-effective and viable method to reach customers. SEO has become even more crucial since Covid-19, with many more consumers moving online, and we have seen even the more old-fashioned and traditional businesses see that they need to up their digital and SEO game. Many businesses now know that they can derive benefit from having SEO carried out, and that they need much more SEO, even if they don't know what SEO really is.


SEO improves a website’s visibility, many people know this, but there are also other benefits to SEO, regardless of business industry or business size. Other benefits can include:

1. SEO Can Build Trust & Credibility. A website which is nicely designed, clean, and with an excellent user experience, as well as being easily found on search engines, can lead to an increase in trust and credibility, but also search engine visibility, as the positive user experience loops through, in terms of various factors, such as bounce rate, page views, unique visitor numbers and so on. Trust, credibility and authority take time. This will not happen overnight, and building up the SEO takes patience, effort, and commitment.

2. Good SEO = Better User Experience. Businesses want maximum visibility, but not many realise that user experience is a factor in achieving that. Google has algorithms which estimate good and bad user experience. A positive user experience has become an important element in a website’s success.

3. SEO is Relatively Cheap And Good Value For Money. The payoff is most likely to be significant in terms of the business brand benefit to the bottom line. it is best to view SEO not as a marketing cost, but rather as a business investment, and the more attention and investment it gets, the better.


4. It’s a Long-Term Business Investment. SEO can have a significant positive effect within the first year of action being taken, and it could have an effect that lasts several years. As the market evolves, and as your competition strives for visibility too, it is best to keep on top of SEO for the long term, and the more SEO time, effort, and budget is invested, the better and longer a website will have enhanced search engine visibility.

5. SEO = PR. SEO helps to build a long-term equity for your business brand, with a good ranking helping to elevate your business brand’s profile.

6. Organic Search Is Often The Number One Source of Website Traffic

As you no doubt already know, Google owns a much larger share of the search engine market than competitors such as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, and others. Organic search is typically a very large part of most businesses’ website performance. As it’s the leader, its guidelines are important to follow. A majority of the world with access to the internet visits Google at least once a day to get information or seek a product to purchase. Being highly visible as a trusted resource by Google works in a business brand’s favour.


7. Local SEO = Increased Engagement. Local SEO aims at optimising your visibility for a specific geographical area, so people can find you quickly and easily, putting them one step closer to a transaction. Local search engine optimisations can focus on specific streets, suburbs, towns, cities, and regions to enable business brand messaging on a local level. Local SEO enhances your business visibility and lets potential customers find your businesses when they need you.

8. SEO Best Practices Are Being Updated All The Time. A short-term engagement in SEO due to budget constraints may mean that the site is not re-evaluated consistently over time, and in terms of visibility the website could reach a plateau or threshold, where it can no longer improve because of the limitations placed upon it. The way the search world evolves over time means that constant monitoring for changes is required to stay ahead of the competition.

9. SEO is likely to be with us for a long time. As things currently stand, it looks like customers will always want products and services online, search engines look like they will be around a long time, and consequently SEO will remain very important.

For any assistance you require with your SEO, Agata Business Services is ready to build up your business brand visibility.



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