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Letter, Email Writing
& Representation

£500 - for up to 10 hours

Letter / Email Writing & Representation

Description: Agata Business Services is pleased to offer comprehensive services by way of writing email and/or letters representing the client. Our team of professionals is adept at crafting precise, clear, and impactful letters tailored to your specific needs.

Service Features:

  • Drafting and finalising emails/letters for various purposes.

  • Personalised letter writing to cater to individual requirements.

  • Expertise in various formats and styles to suit different organizations and contexts.

  • Proofreading and editing to ensure accuracy and clarity.

  • Sending Emails/Letters on behalf of client 

  • Speaking by phone on behalf client in a particular matter. 

Pricing: The service fee covers up to 10 hours of dedicated work by Agata Business Services. Any additional hours or specific requirements beyond the scope may incur additional charges.


Important Notice: Please be advised that we are not lawyers. We are consultants representing and assisting you in specific matters, primarily aimed at resolving particular business or personal issues. Always consult with legal counsel for legal advice or representation in legal matters.


Agata Business Services

Lima, Upper Street
GU51 3PE, Fleet, UK


Granting Representation Power to Agata Business Services


Dear Agata Business Services,

hereby grant Agata Business Services the authority to represent me in the specific matter of writing and submitting documents on my behalf to various organizations.


By signing this letter electronically, I confirm the following:

  1. Scope of Representation: Agata Business Services is authorised to draft, finalize, and submit documents on my behalf to any organisation as required for the specific matter mentioned above.

  2. Duration: This representation is valid for up to 10 hours of time spent.

  3. Limitation: Agata Business Services is limited to the specific matter mentioned above and does not have the authority to represent me in any other matters without my explicit written consent.

  4. Electronic Signature: I acknowledge that by signing this letter electronically and sending it to Agata Business Services, I am providing my full consent and agreement to the terms mentioned above.

  5. Termination: I reserve the right to terminate this representation at any time by providing written notice to Agata Business Services. However, money is non-refundable.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Thanks for ordering!

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