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Business Support Funding Program

What is Business Support Funding Program? 


Business Support Funding Program is one of the best ways to give your business a substantial boost and it helps your business or brand build online presence.


Business Support Funding Program is additional support to make the day-to-day running of your business easier. Our Business Support Program Funding is a partial grant for Website Design. 

Whether you’re hoping to open a new premises, invest in new equipment or launch a new product line, having an affordable website for your business can be the driving force to take your business further.

Firstly, the partial grant means that you pay a set affordable amount for your website project and we add a flat rate to cover the cost of building your website. You do not need to repay and we do not take part in your business profits. 

For return of investment, we reserve for Agata Business Services ownership of your website, where you are co-owner of the website. 

All websites covered by the Business Support Funding Program, will, after some changes, go for multiple-sale in Agata Business Services Shop. 

For more details please read Custom Website Template Agreements

About The Program 

We hear everywhere on TV about inflation, and about the cost of living crisis. In the last two years, we have observed that sole traders and small businesses often receive insufficient government assistance, in our view. This is an opportunity for you, to boost your own business.

As the owners of Agata Business Services, we started to consider how to help businesses in today's situation.
After many discussions, we decided to introduce the Website Template Design Project. The program aims to reduce project costs.
Agata Business Services can reduce your costs, through the partial grant for website design, effectively co-financing every template project.

Our Mission is to help you to grow!

We love to help your business grow. As a family business we understand the importance of online presence. 

This is one of the reasons why we created our program. 

It is very important to create a good image of your business and brand from the outset.

We know that many start-up business owners are constrained by budget. 


We started Agata Business Services 2 years ago during the Covid-19 pandemic. We did not receive any government assistance. We know how much of a challenge it is to expand or maintain your business during a crisis when you do not have sufficient support. It is a substantial factor in the creation of this program. 

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Business Support Funding Program can be used: 

 You can use our program to partially fund any type of Website from

Website Custom Website Template Projects

Why do we charge some money for Website Custom Template Projects? 

  • We are private investors, investing in each project money, time and energy to help you build your business. We need to be sure that you are able to invest in your own business too. 

  • We support all of our clients, we offer many individual discounts, and we use our connections to help you succeed. We need to be sure that you have the same motivation to succeed in business as we have. 

  • One of the main differences between government grants, bank business loans and our support is that we are private investors, and it is in our interest is that you succeed.

What is in it for Agata Business Servcies? 

We do not take part in your business, and we do not take a share of your business!

So, what is in it for us? ​

Agata Business Services is a family business, and we believe that our investment will create future profits. 

How we will achieve it? 

  • We are building a long term relationship with you the client. As Agata Business Services are owners of the website template, you agree that you will be loyal to Agata Business Services, and if you need any services {such as SEO, blogs, website maintenance, marketing and so on} that you come to us. The relationship is on the basis of trust.  

  • All project templates after some changes will become available for multiple sales {please see agreement}, and it gives us a return on investment. 

We raise and invest our money to help you

Part of the money we receive from the Website Template Project sales will be invested back into new projects in the Business Support Funding Program. In this way, Agata Business Services will have continuity of funds for the business assistance program. 

We can also raise money for Business Support Program, so if you are able and willing, you are welcome to donate some money and help business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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