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Economical Website Custom Projects Documents

Website Designer: Agata Business Services

Website Designer Agreement for Economical Projects

Any client who purchase Economical Website Design

As product service states

Website Designer Agreement for Economical Projects

Wix Website Designer

Agata Lutrowicz

Agata Business Services

Lima, Upper Street, Fleet, UK

+447393 989 106

Website Designer Agreement for Economical Projects


This Agreement ("Agreement") is hereby executed and entered into by and between Agata Business Services, herein referred to as the "Designer," and the purchaser of the Custom Website Project, herein referred to as the "Client," on the date of purchase and the subsequent transfer of website ownership. The meticulously crafted website template by Agata Business Services has been conceived to serve a myriad of diverse purposes.

Services Rendered by the Designer:

The Designer undertakes the commitment of furnishing the Client with an economical custom website design, meticulously detailed within the product service description. This includes a comprehensive configuration and robust Google listing support. The Client, in cognizance, aligns with the understanding that the execution of these economical custom website projects entails the engagement of students hailing from the esteemed Wix & Business Academy. The totality of the project shall be executed under the watchful eye of professional overseers and subject to meticulous scrutiny by the adept team at Agata Business Services. This supervised realm provides a controlled environment where students partake in experiential learning, collectively referred to as the "Services."

Ownership of the Website:

Full ownership rights of the website shall unequivocally vest with the Client.Inclusion of Information in Footer:The Client solemnly undertakes to incorporate the stipulated information in the footer of the website: "Proudly created by Agata Business Services."

Resale Of Website Design:

Explicitly prohibited is the resale of this design. The design, exclusive to a singular company or business entity, is prohibited from any form of resale.


Monetary compensation shall be commensurate with the specifications meticulously detailed in the product service particulars.

Limitation of Liability:

It is categorically established that the Designer shall remain exempt from any liability for damages, whether direct or indirect, emanating from the services provided within the purview of this Agreement.

Governing Law:

This Agreement is subject to the laws of England and shall be interpreted and enforced devoid of reference to any conflicting legal principles.

Entire Agreement:This Agreement stands as an encompassing embodiment of mutual understanding between the Designer and the Client, eclipsing and supplanting all prior agreements, regardless of form, pertaining to the subject matter herein.

Confidentiality Provisions:Effective from the commencement date, this Agreement remains operative until the consummation of all stipulated services, as outlined for execution by the Contractor.

Governance and Jurisdiction:The laws of England shall serve as the governing jurisdiction for this contract, binding both the Contractor and the Client, encapsulating all aspects of services and remuneration pertinent to this accord. Any disputes arising shall be deliberated and communicated exclusively in the English language.

In Witness Whereof,The parties hereto have affixed their signatures to this Agreement on the date denoted above.

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