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Social Media Marketing

Targeted Social Media Marketing Plans
Local Marketing

The Best Plans for:

Local Business: Tantra Massage Business, Massage Business, SPA Business, Consulting Business, Online Training Business, 

SEO Instruction Pack 

Target Marketing is unique type of marketing, it slow marketing but can bring better effect then Instagram, Facebook or General Social Media Marketing 

This type of marketing takes individual approach to your potential client. We are contacting with your client, passing information about you. 

  • Target Marketing

    Every month
    Local Target Social Media Marketing
    Valid for 6 months
    • Target Marketing
    • Listing
    • Messenger Target Marketing
    • Email Target Marketing
    • LinkedIn Target Marketing
    • Industry 1: Tantra Massage / Massage / Spiritual business
    • Industry 2: Consulting / Nursery / Academy / Art
    • One Language {English/ Polish}
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