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Wix Business Academy

Self Service Solutions Polska - Website Update
Wix Academy

50 Pages Website

Agata Business Services has undertaken the creation of a dynamic website for the Wix Business Academy, which is currently under maintenance. The project involves comprehensive website creation coupled with ongoing SEO management and targeted marketing strategies to enhance the academy's online presence.

The primary focus of Agata Business Services includes:

  1. Website Creation: The development of the Wix Business Academy's site involves a customized, user-friendly design that reflects the academy’s commitment to empowering individuals through personalized website design training.

  2. SEO Maintenance: To ensure the site remains visible and competitive in search engines, Agata Business Services implements ongoing SEO strategies. These strategies are designed to improve search rankings, attract more visitors, and increase engagement by optimizing content and technical website elements.

  3. Marketing: Agata Business Services also handles the marketing aspect of the Wix Business Academy. This includes digital marketing campaigns aimed at promoting the academy’s unique one-on-one training sessions and highlighting the benefits of their personalized learning approach.

  4. Ongoing Maintenance: To keep the website performing optimally, regular maintenance is conducted. This not only involves updates and bug fixes but also includes enhancements based on user feedback and evolving web standards.

This project showcases Agata Business Services' ability to deliver a comprehensive package of web solutions that support the client's goals of providing exceptional educational services and a standout online user experience.

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