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Self Service Solutions Polska - Website Update
Data and Strutegy

13 Pages Website

Agata Business Services embarked on a website design project for StatXplorer, aiming to create a bilingual website in Polish and English. Throughout the project, communication seamlessly flowed in both languages.

The client provided specific examples illustrating their desired outcome, which served as the foundation for crafting a distinctive website reflective of the company's identity. Not only did we revamp the existing logo, but we also infused it with a fresh look to align with the overall aesthetics of the new website. The project spanned one month, during which meticulous attention was paid to every detail, including text, translation, fonts, animations, and comprehensive graphic elements, ensuring a cohesive and visually compelling end product.


  • Pages: 13 in one language

  • Pages 13 in additional language

  • Total number of pages: 26

  • Team Lightbox - 11 in each language version

Custom Website Design Projects

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