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Sabis Curtains

Self Service Solutions Polska - Website Update
Home Decor

Redesign of a 17-page website.

Agata Business Services is proud to unveil the comprehensive redesign of the Sabi's Curtains website. Our team crafted custom elements tailored specifically for the client, enhancing the visual and functional aspects of the site. The transformation included a complete overhaul with bespoke designs for each component.

Significant enhancements were made to the text content on various pages: the Home page received edited text, the Macrame page features entirely new content, and selective product pages were also updated with custom text. In addition to aesthetic upgrades, we implemented essential regulations and added a cybersecurity certificate to ensure the website's security.

The client provided a clear scope of work, specifying desired colors and expressing trust in our ability to deliver a more professional final design. We also developed a mobile-responsive version of the site to ensure optimal user experience across all devices. Furthermore, we facilitated a B2B contract for the client, reinforcing our commitment to providing comprehensive business solutions.

For a closer look at the design and the unique style of Sabi's Curtains, you can visit their website

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