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Ana Kiestrzyn

Self Service Solutions Polska - Website Update
Holistic Healer

23 Pages Website

The Ana Kiestrzyn Project, in collaboration with Agata Business Services, has spanned over two years, focusing on elevating Ana Kiestrzyn’s professional presence through a comprehensive branding and web development strategy. Initially, the project centered around designing Ana's website, but it quickly expanded to incorporate a broader scope of services tailored to amplify her brand identity effectively.

To enhance Ana's professional image, Agata Business Services proposed integrating her personal image into the branding strategy, which Ana welcomed. The design and development of her website were pivotal in establishing her online presence, complemented by a robust SEO strategy to optimize visibility. Beyond the digital realm, Agata Business Services extended its expertise to graphic design, producing essential marketing tools such as business cards and flyers.

The partnership also prioritized Ana's professional autonomy by conducting training sessions to equip her with the skills needed to manage her events independently. This empowerment is a testament to the project’s commitment to delivering sustainable solutions that extend beyond initial service provisions.

Moreover, the scope of collaboration further included editorial services, with Ana engaging Agata Business Services for book editing, showcasing the versatile support provided throughout her professional endeavors.

Overall, the Ana Kiestrzyn Project by Agata Business Services exemplifies a holistic approach to brand building, encompassing a range of services from web development to personal training, all tailored to enhance the client's autonomy and professional image.

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