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What is a landing page? How to create a good landing page?

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Selling services and products on the Internet requires a number of marketing activities. One of the promotion tools is a landing page. The landing page provides detailed information about the product, lowers campaign costs, and generates leads. Find out how to create a landing page. Check what elements it consists of, how much it costs, and what it looks like.

What will you learn from the article?

Designing a landing page - what should an effective landing page contain?

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a one-page marketing website created, usually for the purposes of a promotional campaign. It is like an online flyer to which we refer the client to learn the details of a given advertisement or promotion. Other common names are landing page, landing page, micro page, and microsite. Usually, the client is redirected to the landing page after clicking on an advertising banner, Google sponsored link, social media post, or promotional mailing.

Types of landing page

Do you want to know how to make a landing page? Be sure to know the types of landing pages. Landing page Lead Generation and Landing page Click Through.

Landing page Lead Generation is a website that aims to obtain customer data. As a rule, in return for an e-mail address or other data of the Internet user, he offers a gift. A newsletter,

e-book, discount coupon, or the possibility of free product testing can be a gratuity. Customer contact details or their preferences are then used in other campaigns, for sending mailings and personalized offers.

Landing page Click Through is a one-page website, the task of which is to convince the user to switch to another page, where he will learn more about the offer, see the entire range of the store, and finalize the transaction. This website does not contain a contact form. It is an intermediary between an advertising banner and an online store.

Advantages of a landing page

A landing page works most often when conducting marketing campaigns. Campaigns aimed at increasing sales or building brand awareness. Using landing pages, companies promote and sell products and services, and educate and advertise events. The landing page is perfect for customer acquisition. It makes it easier to target ads only to consumers interested in a given product, allows you to define the target group in detail, and create personalized offers. If a given advertisement reaches only interested people, the cost of the acquired lead is lower and the marketing activities are more effective.

Advantages Of A Landing Page:

  • the possibility of personalizing the offer,

  • defined target group,

  • extension of the contact database,

  • the greater effectiveness of marketing activities,

  • lower cost of the campaign,

  • a place to present the brand,

  • increase in conversion,

  • ease of testing campaign reach,

  • website optimization for selected keywords.

One of the main benefits of a landing page is also the ability to guide the customer through the offer. The entire website is constructed in such a way that the consumer navigates it in the assumed manner and achieves a specific goal, which is most often the purchase of a given product or offer.

Designing a landing page - what should an effective landing page contain?

A good landing page consists of several important elements. They allow the customer to be guided through the website and direct the entire website to its main goal.

Relevant landing page header

The headline is the first thing the customer will see after switching from the banner to the landing page. It must be consistent with the advertisement for the website to gain the trust of the Internet user, but also interesting. In the headline, it is worth emphasizing the benefits and indicating the most important feature of the goods sold. The text should arouse the customer's interest, but also contain specific information. It has a difficult task - it has to convince people to stay on the website and continue browsing it, and at the same time be consistent with the graphics, photos, and advertisements through which the customer reached the landing page.

If the headline is bad, the bounce rate increases, and the entire campaign is doomed to failure. There are sites that have several headers, you can put a slider at the top of the page, with different graphics and texts. This is a good option if your target audience is not so strongly defined, or you have different ad creations before a potential customer hits your website. A good landing page must have a catchy headline.

Valuable photos and graphics

High-quality photos and graphics are the basis of any website, especially one that has something to sell. Watch out for ready-made solutions. Stock photos may not inspire confidence in the customer. First, they are usually not very authentic. Second, the user may have already seen them on another page. If you're selling items, it's a good idea to take detailed photos, in an attractive arrangement, and even include a video. In the photos advertising the services, it is good to show friendly faces and people that evoke positive associations. Most importantly, the photos and graphics should be attractive, but not distract the customer from the main goal of the page - selling.

Effective CTA = effective landing page

Visible buttons encouraging action are almost the basis of landing page design. They must be eye-catching, but graphically consistent with the rest of the page. It is worth placing them in visible places. A well-designed CTA is a challenge. When designing your landing page, perform A / B tests to choose the really good buttons.

Contact details in a visible place

Often the landing page has no exit. When performing actions on the website, the client aims at one set goal, e.g. switching to the brand's website. It is very important that the website includes a telephone number or other contact details for the client's office. You should also make sure that the Customer Service Centre is informed that customers who reach the number from a given landing page may call. The telephone service must have specific information and be prepared for the questions of a potential customer. It is also worth placing information on the website regarding the delivery of a given product or its availability. All this so that the consumer feels confident when making a purchase, he has someone to consult with him.

When creating a landing page, it is worth focusing on making the entire page consistent and focused on the goal. You should take care of the content, a good headline, graphics, valuable text, and photos. Finally, it is worth conducting usability tests that will check how the landing page works for users, and suggest what to modify, and what to remove from the page.

A good landing page - does the price play a role?

What is the landing page price? Depending on the complexity of a given website, prices range from one to several thousand Pounds. When planning expenses, you also need to take into account the hire of a photographer who will prepare professional product photography and marketing. Is the internet user using the search engine able to find the landing page in Google? If we take care of SEO - yes. And it's worth it because a good SEO in Google is a core for new customers.

To determine how to promote a page and to ensure its position in the search engine, it is worth reaching for the goals of the landing page. If your landing page is just a short-term investment that will no longer be sustained after the end of the project, it is obviously not worth investing in its position. How do customers find the landing page most often? Through Google Ads advertising banners, on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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