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Agreement for SEO Package 

Wix SEO Specialist
Agata Lutrowicz
Upper Street, 
Fleet GU51 3PE
United Kingdom 


Service User Company concludes the following contract of mandate with Agata Business Services ("Agreement") in moment when purchase SEO Package subscription. This scope of work is subject to and is part of the Agreement between the parties. Any term not otherwise defined in this document has the meaning set out in the Agreement. 

Period of Performance

The Services shall  start  24 hours after  subscription is paid. Client can cancel subscription any time. 

Subscribtion Terms and Conditions 


Scope of work:

​Scope of work depends on plan chosen.

Client to provide:

• Communication

• Assign Agata Business Services to Wix role {client will receive full instruction in PDF how he can assign someone to role on Wix platform}

Confidentiality Covenants Terms
This Agreement shall commence on the effective date hereof and shall remain in effect until the earlier of the 
completion of all services called for hereunder to be performed by the Contractor.

These subscription can be cancel any time by client. Once client paid monthly work, no refund apply.

If client payed one time payment for  3 month or 6 months subscription, no refund are applied, client can cancel next subscription. 

The parties acknowledge and agree that during the relationship contemplated hereby that they are likely to come into contact and gain knowledge and access to information and materials that the other party deems to be confidential, proprietary or of strategic importance. The parties each agree that they shall maintain the strictest confidentiality of all such materials that the receive concerning the other party hereto. They shall not disclose such confidential information to any other party, shall not use such confidential information for their own purposes, and they shall protect such confidential information from disclosure using the same or higher standards as they use to protect their own confidential information. The parties agree that confidential information shall be limited to disclosure within the organization of the recipient to those top management personnel and developers with a bona fide need to know such information as a necessary part of their contribution to the performance under this Agreement. For purposes of this Agreement, confidential information shall include all information that is of a proprietary, confidential or trade secret nature, of strategic importance, or is otherwise considered to be confidential or proprietary by the releasing party. Confidential information will include items such as business plans, marketing plans and strategies, formula, processes, data, software source codes, financial information, customer lists, and all other information deemed confidential by the parties. Confidential information shall not include items that are generally available to the public, generally known in the industry, exist in the public domain, is learned from an outside source independent from the relationship established by this Agreement or was known prior to the entering of this Agreement.

Independent Contractor Status

The parties agree that Contractor shall be an independent contractor and not an agent, employee, or representative of Client. Client shall have no right to direct or control the details of the Contractor’s work. Contractor shall not receive any fringe benefits or other perquisites that the Client may provide to its employees and Contractor agrees to be responsible for its own business overhead and costs of doing business and to furnish (or reimburse Client for) all tools and materials necessary to accomplish the services required of the Contractor pursuant to this Agreement, and shall incur all expenses associated with performance, except as expressly provided in Exhibits or amendments to this Agreement. Contractor shall be responsible for paying all taxes on payments received pursuant to this Agreement and that Client shall have no obligation to withhold taxes from service fees payable to the Contractor hereunder. Contractor hereby indemnifies and holds the customer harmless of any obligation that may be imposed on Client to pay in withholding taxes or similar items or resulting from Contractor's being determined not to be an independent contractor.


Governance and Jurisdiction

The laws Of England shall apply to this contract, for both contractor and client, and to all of the services and payments relating to this contract, for both governance and jurisdiction. In the event of a dispute, any or all points of dispute shall be communicated in English language.

Data Protection & Cokies

General Servis Terms 

SEO Subscription Agreements 

Subscription Terms & conditions 

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